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We are The Bishop Paiute Tribe

A Sovereign Tribal Nation governed by an elected council.

The Bishop Paiute Tribe is located at the foot of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains in Bishop, CA, and is the fifth largest tribe in California with over 2,000 enrolled members. The tribe provides members with various programs and services and operates a variety of tribal owned entities and enterprises. The tribe is engaged in progressive development and highly values self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and maintains committed to being a strong self-governing sovereign nation.
paiute tibe of bishop in the owens valley

May 25, 2023 Bishop Tribal Council Regular Meeting Agenda


Emergency Contact Form-Fillable/Download

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Tribal Elder's Wood/Pellet Application

(*Updated December 2022). Once completed return form to Tribal receptionist in the main office
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2022-2023 Financial Needs Analysis Form/Tribal-BIA Scholarship

2022-2023 Financial Needs Analysis Form/Tribal-BIA Scholarship

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Bishop Paiute Tribe Community Information & Forms

Tribal Job Opportunities

Dedicated to excellent service! Our Core values are integrity, professionalism, creativity and involvement, and we strive to treat others with respect, fairness, compassion and encouragement.

The Bishop Paiute Tribe is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Submit your application to the Human Resource Department, by the deadline indicated for consideration.

  • Chief Executive Officer – Up to $143,891-$215,837 Salary
  • Fiscal Office Assistant – $17.73-$23.05 Hourly
  • Gas Station Assistant Manager (2) – $49,091-$63,819 Salary
  • Substitute Teachers Aide – $17.73-$23.05 Hourly
  • Substitute Teacher – $28.61-$40.06 Hourly
  • Victims of Crime Outreach Coordinator – $21.46-$27.89 Hourly
  • Tribal Police Officer – $28.61-$40.06 Hourly
  • Tribal Police Chief – $90,511-$126,886 Salary
  • BIEC Tutor – $16.12-$20.96 Houlry

“BPT has a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.  Prospective employees must provide proof of full vaccination at least ten (10) days before employment commences.”


Board & Committee Vacancies


Become an active & involved member of the the community by serving on one of the Committees or Boards.

Requirements to serve on Committee/Boards:

Be a Bishop Paiute Tribal Member & Submit a letter of intent to the Tribal Office.

*Members can reside outside of the area



  • Food Advisory Board (FAB) – Two Members
  • Tribal Environmental Protection Agency Board – Two Members
  • Miss Bishop Paiute Tribe Committee – Two Members
  • Cultural Advisory Committee – Four Members
  • Tribal Court Committee – Two Members
  • Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) – Two Members
  • Tei-nuumu Takawa-da-Wellness Committee – One Member
  • Elders Board – One Member
  • Elections Committee – One Member


The Bishop Paiute Tribe Elected Governing Council
meryl picard - tribal council



Jeff Romero - Bishop Paiute Tribe Tribal Vice-Chairman



Steven Orihuela - Bishop Paiute Tribe Tribal Council


Joyce White - Bishop Paiute Tribe Tribal Council Member



Joyce White - Bishop Paiute Tribe Tribal Council Member