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The Public Works department’s primary function and responsibility is to operate and maintain the Bishop Paiute Tribes domestic water distribution system and wastewater mains.

The funding for this program is received through the collection of monthly service fees from the water/sewer users and are established by the Bishop Paiute Tribal Council. The service fees collected pay for the operation and maintenance of the tribe’s domestic water and sewer main lines, Eastern Sierra Community Service District wastewater disposal fees, and pumping electrical costs.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Works Department is to improve and encourage the quality of life for the residents of the Tribal Community through responsive, efficient, and effective delivery of services to everyone within the community and by reflecting a can-do attitude with our customers and surrounding communities.


Water Quality Reports

To ensure that the community is given quality water our department releases annuals reports on the water quality Standards.

Proposed Road Map

(This map is intended to provide a visual of possible proposed roads only, measurements of assignments on this map may not be accurate and should not be used as a reference)
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The irrigation season tends to begin on the first week of April and runs through the end of October. The irrigation fee is $6.50/month per lot. Payments can be paid at the tribe’s fiscal office. The tribe’s irrigation water is a precious resource and must be used wisely to achieve the most beneficial use for the Bishop Paiute Tribe. Contact the public works department at 760 -873 -6638 to report any abuse of the use of irrigation. For irrigation scheduling please call Terry Crowl at 760 -920 -5942.

Temporary Use Permits: Steps

Receive a TUP application form the Tribal Office.

1. Turn it in to the Fiscal Office with a $5.00 application fee. The Fiscal Office will review to make sure there are no outstanding debts.

2. Application will be reviewed by the Admin. Assistant to the BPT Council and forwarded to Public Works department for inspection, signed and returned for Tribal Council approval.

3. Annual submission required for all rentals/leases.

TUP’s are required for all trailer parks and must be renewed and filed with the Tribe every year.

Underground Digging: Who you should call?

Anytime you plan on digging on your assignment please contact the Public Works Department. Public Works will then determine the need to contact Dig Alert, which may be necessary. There are many underground utilities that cross the reservation including, telephone, internet, water & sewer and electrical service lines. Not contacting the proper authorities may result in significant damage or loss which may be at the assignment holders expense.

Public Works & Customer Responsibilities

The Public Works Department’s responsibility is to the tribe’s water and sewer main lines. The lateral lines that extend from the main lines to the individual homes is the responsibility of the homeowners/ assignment holders.

All water and sewer laterals of the customer system shall be installed and kept in repair at the expense of the owner. The Public Works Department will maintain the water system only up to the individual curb stop in the case of domestic water.

The Public Works Department will only be responsible for the sewage that has actually entered the sanitary sewage mains. Any blockage occurring in the house lateral or in the home will be the individual customer’s responsibility. Public Works can assist with customer responsibility repairs at the customers expense.



8:00AM – 5:00PM

Closed for Holidays



(760) 873-6638


(760) 873-0018

Office Location

50 Tu Su Lane

Yard Location

630 Brockman Lane
Bishop, CA 93514


Sandra Warlie

Public Works Director

(760) 873-6638 ext. 2020

Dan Stone

Water Operator II
(760) 937-1289

francis stone jr.

Interim Irrigation System Operator
(760) 920-2457

Laura Lafrombois

Admin. Assistant
(760) 873-6638 ext. 2070