Bishop Paiute Tribe Enrollment Department

It is the Mission of the Bishop Paiute Tribal Enrollment Department to maintain, update and secure the tribal membership records of the Bishop Paiute Tribe in compliance with Bishop Paiute Tribe Enrollment Ordinance of July 1996.

Step 1 : Tribal Membership Criteria

All applications received for consideration of membership are administered following the process outlined in the Bishop Paiute Tribal Enrollment Ordinance of July 1996, ensuring each new member is a Lineal Descendent of a member of the Bishop Paiute Tribe Base Roll, established July 1996, consisting of Original Family Members, Land Assignment Holders and Land Exchange Participants.

Step 2 : How to Apply for Enrollment - Bishop Paiute Tribe

Contact the Bishop Paiute Tribe Enrollment Department to request the Enrollment Packet which consists of the Cover letter, Application, Family Tree, Child Custody Questionnaire, Enrollment Ordinance and additional Family Research Resource Material. We recommend reviewing the cover letter for complete directions as to how you should complete the application and what additional documentation is required in order to submit a complete application packet.

Step 3 : Enrollment Committee Review

The Enrollment Committee meets twice a month on the First and Third Tuesday of the month to review new applicants for membership. The burden of proof is upon the applicant to establish and prove their eligibility to enroll into the Bishop Paiute Tribe and in so doing; it is the responsibility of the Enrollment Committee to review each application packet completely to ensure eligibility.

Additional Services

  • Tribal Enrollment Membership Cards
  • Monthly Enrollment Newsletter Page to keep you updated
  • Bishop Tribal Verifications for use in apply to Social Services, Scholarships and Health Services
  • Change of Address and/or Name Change to keep your file up-to-date
  • Minor Trust Statements
  • State of California Fish and Game Low Income Fishing License
  • State of California Fish and Game, National Eagle Repository
  • Verification of Indian Preference for Employment
    Burial Program Services available to all eligible Tribal Members

How to Access Tribal Members Services:

  • Local Residents are welcome to visit our office at 50 Tu-Su, Lane Bishop, CA, Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm.
  • Out-of-Area Residents can email LaVaree Chavez at in order to obtain your forms via email or the website or have forms sent directly to your address.

LaVaree Chavez

Enrollment Officer


(760) 873-3584 Ext. 1500


(760) 920-3830


(760) 705-9855


Stacy Yarcho
Earleen Williams
Rhonda Schultz
Lynda Charlie
Tracy Watterson

Tribal Enrollment Forms

important downloadable forms for membership & current members

Enrollment Ordinance

Adopted to provide government of membership in the Bishop Paiute Tribe.

Minor Trust Distribution Form

Request for distribution from Minor’s Trust Account

Enrollment Card Request

Receive your enrollment card. Submit a photo of yourself, (passport style) with your request if you are mailing in.




Enrollment Procedual Policy Manual

The established enrollment procedures of the tribes Enrollment Ordinance of1996 .

Request for Verification Form

Request for notice of Bishop Paiute Tribal verification

Change of Address Form

Convenient for relocation of local and non-local members.