Tribal Administration

Managing the Offices of The Bishop Paiute Tribe

Administrative Team

We work together to ensure the proper and effective operating of the Tribe. The administration department works with the Tribal Council and the various tribal departments and programs to ensure that all is done to improve the lives of our Tribal Members

Gloriana M. Bailey


760-873-3584 ext. 1300

Brian Poncho

Chief Operations Officer

760-873-3584 ext. 1350

Kody Jaeger

Chief Tribal Programs Officer

760-873-3584 ext. 1340

Charlene Keller

Tribal Council Administrative Assistant

760-873-3584 ext. 1200

Jordan Andreas

Administrative Assistant

760-873-3584 ext. 1310

Deston Rogers

Public Relations

760-873-3584 ext. 1330

Contact Us

50 Tu Su Lane
Bishop, CA 93514

(760) 873-3584


Business Hours

Monday – Friday
8am to 5pm

Sat – Sun: Closed