Bishop Paiute Tribal Court

Assuring Justice To All Parties

Serving justice to the jurisdiction of the Bishop Paiute Indian Reservation and those who reside on it.

About the court

Who we serve and services offered.

The Tribal Court serves all persons who reside on the Bishop Indian Reservation, and all organizations that conduct business on the Bishop Indian Reservation jurisdiction. The court holds civil jurisdiction over all persons found within the Bishop Paiute Reservation and over all persons or entities who commit a tortious act or transact business within the territorial jurisdiction of the court.

Civil Cases

Jurisdiction of the court

Bishop Paiute Tribal Court

Current Court Fees

The following Tribal Court fees are approved by Bishop Paiute Tribal Council. All fees are nonrefundable.

  • Complaint or Petition Filing Fees – $30.00
  • Application for Protection Order – $30.00
  • Answer to Complaints – $15.00
  • Motions (All) – $25.00
  • Appeal Filing Fee – $200.00
  • Service of Process – $35.00
  • Admission to Practice Fee: Attorney – $100.00 per year
  • Transcription of Record Fee – $20.00 min. up to 4 pgs.
    $5.00 per additional pg.
  • CD Recording of Hearing – $20.00 per CD
  • Certified Copy Fee – $1.00 per page
  • Per Page Copying Fee – $0.20 per page
  • Subpeona/Record Request – $75.00
  • Repossession Fee – $75.00


How to file a complaint

Step 1

Complete a Civil Complaint Form.

Step 2

Pay the Filing Fee or Complete an Application for a Waiver/Discount.

Step 3

A summons will be issued to the Defendant in the case.

Step 4

Plaintiff is responsible to have summons, copy of complaint and answer form served upon the Defendant.

Step 5

Defendant has 20 days to ANSWER the complaint.

Step 6

After an ANSWER is received, a court hearing date will be set.

Step 7

Notice of Hearing will be mailed to all parties by the Tribal Court Clerk

bishop paiute TRIBAL COURT

Staff & Advisory Committee

Tribal Court Staff

The Honorable Dean T. Stout

Tribal Court Chief Judge

Yolanda Cortez

Tribal Court Administrator/Clerk

Tribal Court Advisory Committee

Patricia Howard

Valerie Goodwin

Wanda Summers

The Court Committee was developed in 2000 in effort to develop and oversee the court operations. The committee has been an integral part of the Court’s establishment and growth. Individuals are appointed by Tribal Council and serve two year terms. The Court Committee meets with Tribal Court staff once a month in an advisory capacity regarding court operations.

Bishop Paiute Tribal Court

Temporary Address:

430 N. Barlow Lane, Bishop, CA 93514
Phone: (760) 784 – 9581
Fax: (760) 582 – 8141