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Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center
Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center
Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center
paiute museum - bishop california
paiute museum - bishop california
paiute museum - bishop california




The unique and beautiful cultural heritage of the indigenous people of the Owens Valley.

The Cultural Center Museum reflects the history, culture, and living history of the Nuumu (Paiute) and Newe (Shoshone) People. Our museum showcases the art and lifeways of the Nuumu and Newe. Included are cultural displays, Memorial Hall paying tribute to Native American Veterans and their families, Environmental Displays, and collections of artifacts, historical archives and media. We also have a wonderful Native Garden and a Walking Trail through the tribe’s COSA (Conservation Open Space Area). Our Museum Gift Shop offers visitors the opportunity to purchase arts and crafts as keepsakes made by local tribal artisans as well as publications that pertain to native culture. The Museum and Gift shop are a great resource for researchers and general public.

paiute museum

All dates are tentative. Look for detailed flyers for each event. All Events are open to the community. All events are in collaboration with local tribes, programs, agencies, and the community. If you wish to help or would like more information, please contact the Cultural Center!



March & April

Spring Pinenut Blessing


Docent Training

Earth Day/Spring Market


Memorial Day Weekend Exhibit & Sales – May 27 – 29




Fall Pinenut Blessing




Holiday Market

Past. Present. Future.

Preserve, Maintain & Revitalize Our Culture

It was June 13, 1978, that a resolution was signed by the Owens Valley Board of Trustees as an acknowledgement and show of support for a permanent place to perpetually preserve, maintain and revitalize the Nuumu and Newe culture. From then on, efforts were made to build and create the existing facilities and grounds. For the past 30 years, with help from their sub-committees and numerous volunteers from the tribal community, the Owens Valley Board of Trustees dedicated time and efforts to the operation and safeguard of resources of the Cultural Center.

Recently, the Bishop Paiute Tribe took the lead on the operations of the Cultural Center with the respect and reference from the local Owens Valley tribes. Today, we continue and honor the original purpose. For our community the Cultural Center serves as a living center, a place not only to preserve and tell the story of the old ways, but a community place to learn, teach and continue our traditional ways. Throughout the year we host various gatherings and events, both traditional and contemporary. We Honor our Past, Share for the Present, and Preserve for the Future.


2300 West Line Street
Bishop, CA 93514


 (760) 873-8844

Winter Hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am-4pm

Sunday – Monday: CLOSED

Following all CDC, State, County, and Tribal COVID-19 protocols


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