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Cultural Center

Past, Present, Future...

The Owens Valley Paiute-Shoshone Cultural Center & Museum is dedicated to the continuous perpetual life of the Indegenous Peoples of the Owens Valley. On June 13,1978 a resolution was signed by 7 members of the Owens Valley Board of Trustees, recognizing the positive outcome a Cultural Center would provide for the community. Soon after the public was welcome to step into the doors of a facility that both preserved and displayed the Paiute-Shoshone historical way of life. Today our Cultural Center holds roughly 100 artifacts and numerous pieces of literature. Serving as an educational exoerience for many, it tells a story of the Numu (Paiute) and Newe (Shoshone) Peoples. The cultural values and heritage found in the Cultural Center are not only those of the past, but also the present, and future generations to come.

Our Exhibits
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The exhibit is a picture of the ways of life for the Numu (Paiute) people, before contact with settlers. The people lived from the land, from what the land could provide to a resourceful, observant, and practical people. A picture of how the Numu were able to live in comfort and with dignity by the applying of their abilities to what nature made available.

Native Plants
The Cultural Center is home to one of the Firstbloom Native Plant Gardens. Firstbloom is a local environmental outreach program that focuses on Native Plants, National Parks and being stewards to the land. The group defines Native plants as those having a name in the Native Paiute Language.


To Learn more visit the Firstbloom website by clicking here

Veterans Memorial
veterans memorial

This memorial was created by a dedicated group of Veterans and supporters who wanted to create a long-lasting tribute to their fallen comrades, family members, and friends. This memorial pays tribute to the brave men and women who answered the call of duty and served their Country with bravery and honor. By creating this memorial we hope that their families and future generations will be able to look upon these soldiers with pride and admiration for the contribution that they made to their country and its freedom. 


2300 West Line Street
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Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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