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About the Tribe
The Bishop Paiute Tribe is a sovereign nation governed by the Tribal Council, a board of 5 members elected by the General Council. The tribe is located at the foot of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and is the fifth largest tribe in California with around 2,000 enrolled members. The tribe provides members with various programs and services and operates a variety of tribally owned entities and enterprises. The tribe is engaged in progressive development and highly values self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and maintains committed to being a strong self-governing sovereign nation. The culture of the Paiute people is deeply embedded with the surrounding environment. The natural resources provided by land, water, and air, have been safeguarded by the tribe for numerous years. The traditions of the Paiutes are alive and active today, and can be witnessed in one of the tribes many traditional functions and festivities.
Tribal History
The Paiute people who live on the Bishop Paiute Reservation are descendants of the "Nu-Mu", the original people of the Owens Valley. In 1912, the U.S. Government reserved over 67,000 acres of lands in the Owens Valley for the Indians of this area. In 1932, President Hoover revoked the 67,000 acres reserved land and placed the lands in watershed protection status for the City of Los Angeles. In 1936, the City of Los Angeles wanted the remaining lands and the federal government traded these lands for the 875 acres that now comprise the Bishop Paiute Reservation located at the base of the magnificent Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Today the Paiute people are the fifth largest California Tribe, with 2,000 members and one of the smallest land bases. Despite the land predicament the Tribal government has upgraded technical capabilities and developed infrastructure for the present and future growth of the Bishop Paiute Reservation.

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bishop california - bishop chamber

bishop california - bishop chamber